Electronic Waste


Certain types of electronics (e-waste) are banned from disposal. The State of Vermont implemented an electronics collection & recycling program (E-cycles) as a convenient way for residents to dispose of unwanted electronics. In order for a manufacturer (Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc.) of electronics to sell their product in the State of Vermont, they must register with the State and pay a fee towards the E-cycles program. The State collects the fee and allocates collected funds towards the collection and recycling of e-waste.

The e-cycles program pays collection locations to collect and properly manage e-waste at their location. The program requires locations to collect certain types of e-waste for free and allows the location to charge for other types. The Town of Randolph Transfer Station participates in the e-cycles program. The transfer station accepts the following e-waste for free:

  • Computers, printers and computer peripherals – Collected for Free
  • Television and computer monitors – Collected for Free

Other Types of e-waste are accepted for a fee:

  • Personal electronics
  • all telephones, answering and fax machines
  • VCRs, DVD players, digital converter boxes and stereo equipment
  • Power supply cords used to charge electronic devices
  • Electronic game consoles

It’s important to remember that not everything with a cord is e-waste. Lamps, toasters, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, blenders, etc. are not e-waste. These materials can be recycled (if they are made of metal) or thrown in the trash.

For a complete list of collection locations throughout the State of Vermont, please visit: