Effective July 1, 2015, all solid waste haulers must offer residential recycling collection services at no separate charge. Per the Universal Recycling Law, haulers can incorporate and adjust the cost of collection of mandated recyclables into the cost of the collection of solid waste. If your hauler is not offering collection of mandated recyclables, charging you for your recycling, or is advising you to bring your recyclables to a drop-off in lieu of providing curbside service, please contact the Mountain Alliance Advisory Committee. 

All Clean
Phone: 802-485-4210
121 Halstrom Road, Northfield, VT 05060
Weekly residential subscription for curbside trash collection with recycling, free metal pick up, and stationary pay as you go drop off at Kenyon’s Hardware at 93 North Main Street, Northfield, VT.

Arlin Goodwin
88 Kelsey Mountain Road, Randolph Center, VT 05061

Benson Rubbish Removal
Phone: 802-234-5003
RR 1, Bethel, VT 05032
Weekly residential subscription trash collection and weekly residential subscription recyclable collection.

Phone: 1-800-Casella
25 Greens Hill Lane, Rutland, VT 05701
Weekly residential curbside subscription trash collection, weekly residential subscription and commercial dumpster collection, and roll-off service for C&D. Under contract with the Town of Randolph (owner) operates the Randolph Transfer Station at 73 Landfill Road, Randolph. 

Earth Waste Management
Phone: 802-775-7722
PO Box 68, Rutland, Vermont 05702
Under contract with the Town of Northfield (owner) operates the Northfield Recycling Depot Transfer Station at 69 Dog River Road, Northfield. The transfer station is pay as you go with free recycling and some metals and a seasonal clean wood designated area.

Litchfield Rubbish
Phone: 802-234-2118
PO Box 151, Randolph, VT 05060
Weekly residential curbside pickup with recycling and a stationary pay as you go drop-off on Saturdays at 12 South Main Street, Randolph, VT near the Railroad tracks.

Myers Containers
Phone: 802-655-4312
PO Box 38, Winooski, VT 05404
Roll-Off service for C&D; weekly residential dumpster trash collection; weekly residential dumpster recyclable collection and Portable Toilets.

Grow Compost of Vermont – Commercial Food Scrap Collection
Route 2, Waterbury, VT
Provides commercial food scrap collection for businesses throughout the State of Vermont.

Earthgirl Composting
Curbside compost pick up for households, events and non-food based businesses (i.e. country stores, office spaces, etc.).